2022 Summer Regatta was a Blast!

Volunteers, thank you!

Kristina Duggan did a great job as the Regatta Director for the Summer Regatta!
You showed us all, us and the 14 other clubs that came, how to get this done and do it well!

Thank you to all volunteers, the ones that worked on the schedules before anyone else even get to see anything, the ones that took the weekend to drive out and pick up the Dragon boat start docks, the ones that show up before sunrise to get the start and finish lines out, and the return buoy line, the ones that took all day to decorate the erg room and serve food and snacks, the launch drivers out on the water all day, the referees, all the ones that gave us a little bit of their Sunday and the whole! We needed all of you!

Photos from the regatta can be found in our Facebook group.

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