1. I am interested in joining LBRA, but I have some questions. Who can I ask?
    Contact our membership coordinator at membership@longbeachrowing.org, who will be happy to answer any questions.
  2. What if I am new to rowing?
    If you are new to rowing, the first step is to take beginning rowing lessons. This is to introduce you to the form and technique of rowing, and does not require a club membership.  Information about our lessons can be found on the “Learn to Row” page.  There is no obligation to continue.
  3. How do I officially join the club?
    If you decide you would like to join the club, you simply fill out the membership application and pay the annual fee. You’ll receive an electronic key and have full access and rights as explained to you by the Boat Captain.
  4. How can I ask a question or report an issue with the website?
    Contact our Web Admin.
  5. What are club hours?
    The club is open from 5:00am-10:00pm 7 days a week.
  6. Do you have a Facebook group?
    Yes, it is called Friends of LBRA.

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