1. How do I become a member? What do I need to do first?

If you are new to rowing, the first step is to take beginning rowing lessons. This is to introduce you to the form and technique of rowing.  Information about our lessons can be found on the “Learn to Row” page.  There is no obligation to continue. If you decide you would like to join the club, you simply fill out the membership application and pay the annual fee. You’ll receive an electronic key and have full access and rights as explained to you by the Boat Captain.

2. How can I post information on the website?

Contact our editor-in-chief Katrin Gleie at coachkatrin@gmail.com.

3. When I try to print Acrobat (pdf) forms, I only get blank pages or pages with nothing but a header and footer.

When Acrobat Reader loads into your browser, it requires that you press the print button for Acrobat, not for your browser. So find the small black and white printer button in the upper left (closest to the content) and use that. Do not use your browser’s menu, or the large printer button associated with it (usually in the middle or upper right of the screen).

4. When I try to click and type in a form field in your electronic forms, Acrobat won’t allow me to. I can only click on the check boxes with any success.

The forms were created with Acrobat 5.0, so you will need Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher to use all the features in those forms. This download is free at Acrobat’s website, but it is between 9 and 13 MB, so over a dial-up 56K connection, it can take about 30 minutes.