Why Rowing/Why LBRA

We welcome you to visit, learn and hopefully join us on some of the finest rowing water in the world. The Alamitos Bay encircles Naples Island and is sheltered from ocean swells and waves, providing a 5000 meters of smooth water for non-stop rowing; roughly 1500 meters of the 1932 Olympic Marine Stadium remain and provide a straight, marked course for sprint training, practice, and competitions. (click here for a map of the water)

LBRA is home to nationally competitive JuniorAdaptiveCollegiateElite, and Masters rowing programs. We also have wherries for recreational rowers. Our modest dues, excellent facilities, fleet of shells and coaching enable anyone to learn and enjoy safe, year-round rowing.

The boathouse is open for rowing, erging and working out from 5:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. seven days a week, year round to accommodate all work schedules. We have facilities and boats to accommodate all abilities.

For more information on the benefits of joining LBRA or how to become a member, click here.

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