Learn to Row Camps 2022

Learn to Row camps are going on now! Most of the classes are full, but feel free to reach out to our boathouse manager at membership@longbeachrowing.org if you want to be added to a wait list. Below is the schedule (subject to change):

July Camps 2022
Tues/Thurs 6pm-8pm.
July 19, 21, 26, 28, Aug 2, 4, 9, 11

Sat/Sun 9am-1pm.
July 23, 24, 30, 31

Mon/Wed 6pm-8pm.
July 18, 20, 25, 27, Aug 1, 3

AUGUST Camps 2022
Sat/Sun 9am-1pm
Aug 13, 14, 20, 21

Tues/Thurs 6pm-8pm 4
Aug 16, 18, 23, 25, 30, Sep 1

Mon/Wed 6pm-8pm
Aug 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24, 29, 31

LTR Graduation party Sunday Sep 4

For current LBRA members, Learn to Row is a fun and easy way to earn your required volunteer hours. Volunteer signups are here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0c44aeae2da64-learn


2022 Summer Regatta was a Blast!

Volunteers, thank you!

Kristina Duggan did a great job as the Regatta Director for the Summer Regatta!
You showed us all, us and the 14 other clubs that came, how to get this done and do it well!

Thank you to all volunteers, the ones that worked on the schedules before anyone else even get to see anything, the ones that took the weekend to drive out and pick up the Dragon boat start docks, the ones that show up before sunrise to get the start and finish lines out, and the return buoy line, the ones that took all day to decorate the erg room and serve food and snacks, the launch drivers out on the water all day, the referees, all the ones that gave us a little bit of their Sunday and the whole! We needed all of you!

Photos from the regatta can be found in our Facebook group.

Giving Tree – 2021 Holiday Season

Photo of the Giving Tree at the LBRA Boathouse, December 2021

We are raising money for several very worthy charities this year through our “Giving Tree” tradition!

  1. Row the Stadium helps support our 6 week summer program for high school students of Cabrillo, Jordan and Poly High who show outstanding character and drive to succeed. It is supported by LBRA and volunteer staffed by LBRA and Junior program. To donate online, click here to visit our LBRA donation page.

  2. Southern California Rowing Foundation – helps support rowers training for the National Team and for regatta expenses. They do not accept online donations currently, but you can drop off or mail a check to the boathouse.

  3. Joan Lind Van Blom Sculling Endowment– Promotes women’s sculling in the United States. The endowment is part of the National Rowing Foundation. Click here to donate online.

Your gifts are much appreciated!

If you prefer not to donate online, you can instead drop off your donations at the office mailbox or mail them to the boathouse.

LBRA Board for the October 2020-September 2021

Congratulations to the LBRA Board for the October 2020-September 2021 year:

President – Charles Griffin, III
Vice President – John Nunn
Secretary – Terri Glidden
Treasurer – Elna Anderson
Boat Captain – A.C. du Pont
– Bill Bater
– Hanne Chupik
– Ellen Geil
– Sander Zagzebski

Also, congratulations to A.C. du Pont and Carlos Recharte, who were awarded life membership for their contributions to LBRA and rowing in general!

Those in the meeting also voted on a proposal from Rob Glidden regarding hours at the boathouse. That proposal did not pass as worded.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this Annual Meeting a successful event, especially Rebecca Ballough, Katrin Baverstock, and Tessa Adair!

Erg and Weight Room Re-Closed

The governor has re-ordered the closure of a variety of facilities including indoor fitness centers. Accordingly, the erg room and weights are off limits until further notice.  Please continue to keep each other safe by diligently wearing masks, keeping social distance, maintaining the 2 person limit to a boat bay, and practicing good hygiene.  The situation is fluid, so be prepared for change even as we continue smart, best practices.

Protocol Reminders

LBRA members,

I am sorry that I missed out on the chance to write you on Father’s Day. I have been distracted by going out and rowing most mornings since we have moved to Stage 3 protocols. I love multiple person boats, but it is terrific to get out with friends in our singles. Most of those rows have been a challenge as my conditioning disappeared while sheltering at home, and my technique kept company with my conditioning. I am happy to report that after the third row, I have noticed that it does not hurt as much, I do not wheeze as much, and my technique is improving to the point that I can start paying attention to my chronic problems of my hands too slow away and my shoulders are too tense. (Yes, Anna, I hear you telling me to relax them.)

This return to rowing depends on all of us working together to keep it safe. If we ignore protocols, then we may lose this privilege. Further, a member contacted me concerned that her safety is compromised when fellow members ignore those protocols set up to keep us all safe. Therefore a couple of reminders:

  1. Wear your mask to the club and at all times that you are not on the water.
  2. Please make sure all club equipment is washed with soap and water, then dried and finally sprayed with disinfectant. Spray disinfectant on oarhandles, foot stretchers, seat and oar locks. Disinfectant is in a black spray bottle in the same place as bucket, soap and sponge, at the opening of bay 1 and 5.
  3. Keep making reservations, be it club equipment or private.
  4. We have a couple of ergs on iCrew now too. If you’re interested in erging at the club, please talk with Sarah or Hanne ahead of the first time to get instructions on proper Covid cleaning protocol. You can pull the erg outside or erg inside as long as Roworx are not in session.

Finally, I want to call out Vince. He volunteered to be disinfector for the club, and he shows up every day wearing his mask and spraying down lots of high-tough areas. He is making it better for us all.

Join iCrew, make a reservation, wear your mask, and come row a single. My soul is already in recovery after a handful of times on the water.

“Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

― Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows

Charles E. Griffin III

President, LBRA

Waivers Required for iCrew Reservations

All members are now required to sign a waiver and stage 3 protocols before making a reservation on iCrew.

As a reminder, anyone currently wishing to row (even in a private boat) must first make a reservation on iCrew so that we can maintain controlled numbers at the boathouse at any one time. If you haven’t yet made an account on iCrew, go to LBRA on iCrew and register using the registration code: beach.

To sign the required documents: 

On the iCrew home page, scroll to “documents” to view the waiver. There should be two documents to sign, “Stage 3 Protocols” and “Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability”. There is no need to print or email the documents, you can simply type your name in signature box and click “sign”.

Be safe out there!

Boathouse Phase 2 Starting Now

The City of Long Beach approved our Stage 2 Protocols today which means that starting today (6/11/2020) all singles can be rowed at the boathouse, private and club. That being said, there are limits to what times people can row, how many at once, and who can physically enter the bays. The protocols are below.

To summarize key points, only 1x rowing is allowed, rowing is only allowed at designated hours (currently 6 am – 10 am) when volunteer attendants are there, and any boats stored in the bays – club AND private – will be carried in and out of the bays by the attendants. If private owners wish to carry their own boat, the boat must remain on the wash deck. Email Sarah if you would like to have your boat remain on the wash deck.

Finally, the attendants at the boathouse are there to ensure all members follow the guidelines. Those who do not follow the guidelines and the guidance of the attendants will be removed from access on iCrew and will be restricted from rowing.

Stage 2 Protocols

Charles Griffin

President LBRA