Henley Update

Update 7/8/17 –

Both the 4x and the 2x had winning performances at Henley with 3:49 and 4:00 finish times, respectively. ¬†Congratulations Sherri Kline, Helen Frykman, and Wendy O’Brien!

Update 7/7/17 –

Sherri/Helen¬†and¬†Wendy/Antonella¬†readily advanced through to the finals today. The 4x won by 4.5 and 3 boat lengths, and 2x by 2 lengths and “easily” (i.e. a blowout) in the quarter-finals and semi-finals, respectively. From finish times it appears that Dave had tough conditions in his afternoon race and unfortunately did not advance to the last round. Hoping to get a full debrief of all races in the next day.

Finals for the 4x are at 1312 GMT (0512 PDT) and 2x at 1452 GMT (0652 PDT) tomorrow.

This week, LBRA’s finest compete in the Henley Masters Regatta on the Thames, about 40 miles west of central London. It’s highly prestigious simply to be accepted to participate, and we are represented by three outstanding crews.
Coming up on Friday morning at 0916 GMT (0116 PDT), Sherri Kline and Helen Frykman are part of a women’s 4x-E in Race 5. Soon thereafter, at 1124 GMT (0324 PDT), Wendy O’Brien and Antonella Carolina Corazza compete against the Royal Air Force in Race 37 for a chance to advance in the women’s 2x-D event. Then, in Race 107 at 1612 GMT (0812 PDT), new member David Frick goes up against the winner of Race 19 as part of the men’s 1x-F event.
LBRA is intensely proud of these competitors, all among the top scullers in the country. We wish them all the race of their lives!

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