Rob Glidden

It has been an honor and privilege to lead LBRA over the last two years, with the opportunity to initiate many constructive changes for the betterment of the club.  Far from taking a “we’ve always (never) done it that way” approach that is threatened by anything other than the status-quo, I strive to create a culture of continuous improvement and responsiveness to the evolving needs of each individual and team.  We are well along in the achievement of the goals I outlined at the beginning of my tenure, but there is still more to accomplish.  With your help, I’m eager to see them all through to completion.



My continuing priorities remain:

  1. Openness and transparency in decision making, including the pre-announcement of agenda topics and encouraging member participation in Board meetings for guidance, discussion, and comment before actions are taken. LBRA is your
  2. A culture that is welcoming to new rowers and supportive of the athletic and recreational goals of long-standing members. Reinvigoration of our Learn-to-Row Day event and providing the summer camps necessary to train and integrate new members is a signature accomplishment that has made it possible to grow and thrive as an organization.
  3. Renewal and maintenance of the fleet, tangibly expressed in the past two years through the purchase of three lighter-displacement 4+ boats needed by the women’s and lightweight teams, and two heavyweight 2x shells needed to replace boats that were beyond their service life. These were once long-neglected needs that we took assertive action to correct.
  4. Excellence in our sponsored regattas, which will include hosting the World Indoor Rowing Championships and Southwest Masters Regional Championships in 2019. Other clubs and the Referee Corps have noticed and commented on the improved efficiency and organization of the events we put on, and look forward to coming as never before.  We have regained credibility as a force in Masters rowing.
  5. More effective operations, with better recruitment and use of volunteer labor where possible, and cost-effective use of paid positions where necessary to avoid compromise and mediocrity in the quality of our programs and services. We’ve grown considerably in the past few years, and the professionalism of our day-to-day management needs to follow suit.
  6. Investment not just in facilities and equipment, but also in our human capital in the form of coaching and competitive opportunities for our most committed athletes. We brought out a nationally-recognized guest coach (Linda Muri) this past spring, with a very successful, self-supporting racing camp attended by all skill levels.  A stretch goal includes my ambition to once again being a training destination for National Team and Olympic athletes, which will bring benefits to every LBRA member — just as we now enjoy the influence of elite rowers of years past, the foundation of our coaching resources.
  7. Exemplary relations with our neighbors and especially with City officials, whether elected or appointed, as our partners in providing recreational assets to the residents of Long Beach and the surrounding areas. We should strive to be a source of community pride and prestige.
  8. Collaborative relationships with other regional clubs, in the interest of everyone’s enjoyment of the sport outside of a narrow parochial interest. Casitas, SDRC, NAC, Newport SeaBase, and LARC have responded enthusiastically to our approach, and we are all the richer for sharing what we each have.

Rob Glidden
Long Beach Rowing Association

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