Parking Lots Update

Just checked with Marine Bureau:
If gates are open then parking lots are open too. Be smart and observe social-distancing, do not congregate, try to park every other space, but you may park by the boat house!

Charles Griffin

President LBRA

LBRA almost at Stage 2 – Update

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West Coast Masters Championship Regatta – Cancelled

 Update:  West Coast Masters
                      Championship Regatta – Cancelled 
Dear Rowing Friends,

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Long Beach Rowing Association Board of Directors has decided to cancel the West Coast Masters Championship Regatta that was to be held this July.  We made this decision to ensure the health and safety of all athletes, coaches, volunteers, spectators, and the general public. This decision was not made lightly, but timing is crucial with too many unknowns on the horizon.

Because of so many canceled regattas in 2020, we look forward to hosting the Christmas Regatta on December 5 and 6 – YES!  Two full days of rowing to offer more racing.

We look forward to getting back to our workouts and the camaraderie of our clubs and teams.  We hope you stay healthy and can join us in December.


Kristina Duggan
Regatta Director

Long Beach Rowing Association
Board of Directors

Closure Info

Hello Everyone,

I got a number of emails asking about the boathouse closure and if there were any ways to work around it. I took your questions and concerns to the Board and have answers for you below:

Can we use the Bays and just avoid the Erg Room? No, even though you would be maintaining more than 6 ft of space when you are on the water, we, as an organization, would need to open the facility in order to get access to equipment and we can’t guarantee sanitary conditions for everyone.

What if I move my equipment out onto the wash deck? No, since we rent the facility, we feel responsible for anyone who stores their equipment on the premises. Please note, the Board is currently talking about ramifications for anyone who decides to not observe these rules which may include suspension from the club. This is a serious health crisis and we need all members to comply.

Based on the past two responses, I want to move my personally owned equipment out of the boathouse while it is closed. How can I do that? You will need to find somewhere else to store your equipment, and you are responsible for transportation out of the boathouse. Once those plans are in place, contact me (Sarah) or A.C. to schedule a time to be let in and collect your equipment. Remember, if you chose to car top to the parking lot and walk your boat to the dock, you can not use boathouse owned supplies to clean your boat after.

Can I borrow/rent an erg from the boathouse? Unfortunately, due to the logistics involved in lending/renting out equipment on such a large scale, as well as the financial risk the boathouse takes having so much equipment out of our control, we’ve decidednot to have ergs leave the boathouse. That being said, we do still have 4 ergs left for sale. Let me know if you are interested.

I hope that answers your questions for now. Please let me know if you have others and I will be sure to keep the board informed.

Stay healthy and keep washing those hands!


Bay Series #2

This coming Sunday, December 15th, will be the second Bay Series of the season; running from the end of the stadium, around the island to just before the 2nd Street bridge. If you want to race, be sure to be here by 6:30 AM to get your form in. If you want to watch, the race goes off at 7:30 and breakfast/socializing starts once boats are off the water, shortly after 8:00.


The LBRA Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, October 5th at 9:00am at The Pete Archer Rowing Center, 5750 Boathouse Lane

In preparation for the October 2019 election of LBRA’s 2019-2020 Board of Directors, the Nominating Committee is requesting nominations for all board positions from LBRA’s membership.  Per LBRA’s By-Laws, nomination of a candidate is to be “submitted by any two general members.” Nominators as well as nominees must be LBRA members in good standing. From the By-Laws:  “Only those members who have been a member for a period of at least six months… shall be eligible to hold elective office.” Nine (9) Board of Directors positions are available.  Per bylaws, Nominating Committee’s goal is to identify at least two nominees for each elective office:


President: Charles Griffin III

Vice President: John Nunn

Secretary: Terri Glidden

Treasurer: Elna Anderson

Captain: A.C. du Pont

DIRECTORS: (listed in alphabetical order)

Ellen Geil

Marc Kashinsky

Renn Levy

Jack Nunn

Ken Plumb

Sander Zagzebski

To make a nomination, identify a candidate for a position, verify their interest in running for a position, find another member to join you in seconding the nomination, then submit to a Nominating Committee Member via email or by phone as follows:

Elna Anderson 562-335-5364

MaryKatherine Kuner 562-833-3299

Ellen Geil 714-504-8607

Garrett Shook 760-608-9242

Charles Griffin III 310-245-1462

Terri Glidden 310-514-6954

Any incumbents currently serving on the board who are interested in serving again must still be nominated & seconded by LBRA members in good standing in order to run for office again.

Please start contacting us with your nominations and we will post an initial slate of eligible candidates as soon as possible.  Thanks.