Volunteer Spotlight

LBRA would like to thank Terry McGuigan and Bill Stout for their work on the Bay Series events. The Bay Series are free events due to the many volunteers at Long Beach Rowing Association who organize the event, drive safety launches, take photographs, time the races and compile the results! Terry McGuigan has worked tirelessly over the years to organize and start the races for the Bay Series. Bill Stout helps him, compiles the results and calculates the points and handicaps. March is the last bay series race and will pick up again October 2013. Thank you to all the volunteers and the competitors to make this event happen.
Some history, Brian Caplan is credited for starting the Bay Series we know today some 20 years ago. Various people have organized and volunteered consistently to insure the times were correct and calculated the results. Rob Perrot, Jim Kirk, Nathan Defriest and Mary Perrot have been volunteers for the event over the years. When it was an informal event it was a time trial done among those training in singles and a person recovering or injured would write down the times. Rob Perrot is credited with starting to handicap the races, calculating points for different type of boats and determining an overall winner. The Bay Series is a long tradition at LBRA that makes Long Beach one of the best places to row.


LBRA would like to thank Brandin Grams for his work on the new website template.  Brandin designed the new website free of charge.  We would also like to thank David Kline and Katrin Gleie for collaborating with Brandin on the website. The new website can be seen at http://lbra.beachcrew.org/.

Members seeking volunteer opportunities as a Website Contributor can contact David Kline.  Some duties include, providing write-ups on upcoming events, edit and update information on pages, ex: event information, post results….


LBRA would like to thank Kristina Duggan and Dara Lampe for their work on Membership.  Kristina Duggan for the past two rounds has taken on the task of updating membership, gather and direct volunteers to send out invoices and processed membership forms with payments.  She also implemented our new membership processing to make it easier for our new Membership Chair, Dara Lampe to navigate.  Please welcome Dara Lampe as our new Membership Chair for the 2012/2013 fiscal year.  LBRA would like to thank her for her work with cleaning up the new database, providing reports to the Treasurer.  The Treasurer and Membership Chair were able to match income reports on the first try.  If members have questions about their membership dues, boat storage or locker rentals please contact Dara Lampe, Membership Chair.

LBRA would like to thank all the volunteers of Christmas Regatta 2012. The final numbers for Christmas Regatta are in and the regatta made a $24,000 profit, only $500 less than last year. We would like to spotlight the t-shirt sales volunteers, Mary Katherine Kuner and Mary Sanders for selling off the last of new inventory of Christmas Regatta t-shirts as well as the old t-shirts. The inventory of merchandise was cleaned out at this event. Members seeking regatta volunteer opportunities at Spring Regatta, March 17th please contact Jim Litzinger, Regatta Director. LBRA is in special need of a Regatta Volunteer Coordinator for Spring Regatta to post sign-up sheets at the boathouse, prepare write-ups for call for volunteers and direct volunteers to their stations on March 17th, 2013.