Looking for Rowing Manager

Long Beach Rowing Association Club Manager

The Club Manager will be responsible for coordination of all activities in the boathouse, in conjunction with the Long Beach Rowing Association (LBRA) Board of Directors, that directly effect the quality of rowing for the members of LBRA. The Club Manager’s goal is provide the highest quality experience to all members of the club with a focus on member and program growth and overall sustainability.


The duties of the manager will include, but may not be limited to:

Overseeing current contractors, including but not limited to:

    • Custodial staff,
    • Launch service,
    •  Bookkeeping,
    • Membership Coordinator,
    • Roworks, and
  • Any other contractual services that are added to the service of the LBRA.

Volunteer coordination, including but not limited to:

    • Recruitment,
    • Training,
    • Supervision, and
  • Scheduling for LTRD, regattas, maintenance activities, etc.

Regatta coordination, including but not limited to:

    • Developing a budget for approval by the Board of Directors,
    • Sponsorship and advertising,
    • Scheduling and heat sheets,
    • Coordination with other clubs/athletes,
    • Volunteer coordination, and
  • Concessions and t-shirt sales.

Coordination of Learn-to-Row Day, including, but not limited to:

    • Budget,
    • Program planning,
    • Volunteer assignments,
    • Equipment scheduling with the Boat Captain,
    • Media,
    • Outreach, and
  • Sponsorship.

Execution of club financial matters in coordination with the President and Treasurer of the LBRA Board, including but not limited to:

    • Overseeing existing leases and collection of rent and other items as specified by each lease from the CSULB Crew, CARP, and Jr. Crew,
    • Collecting coaching fees from LBRA approved coaches,
    • Developing an annual budget for submission to the LBRA Board of Directors at its September meeting,
    • Overseeing and submitting the club’s annual tax returns,
  • Handling accounts receivable including filing of Sales Tax receipts.

Other duties as assigned which. may include:

    • Provide written monthly reports to the LBRA Board of Directors and attend each Board meeting,
    • Overseeing LBRA Board approved coaches,
    • Coordinating with members and the Boat Captain to schedule and prioritize boat repair based on need, upcoming race schedule, and membership use,
    • Maintaining the LBRA Policy’s and Procedures Manual,
    • Maintaining LBRA’s Safe Sport certification and being Safe Sport certified,
    • Working directly with the President and the City of Long Beach on issues relative to the ongoing maintenance of the boathouse and surrounding environs, and coordination of rowing events utilizing the Marine Stadium,
    • Interface with City of Long Beach Lifeguards stationed at the Marine Stadium,
  • Work with the LBRA Board to recruit a coach and provide necessary program elements to re-institute an elite-rowing program to develop world-class rowers to compete at the international level.

Position Requirements

The Club Manager is expected to be on site at the Peter Archer Rowing Center a minimum of 4 days a week for 6 hours per day or an average of 24 hours a week but also be able to adjust schedule to accommodate events held on weekends. The manager will staff the LBRA office, telephones, and computer to perform the duties described herein. LBRA will offer base compensation, with additional income to be generated by a percentage of the net proceeds from regattas and rowing based special events held at the Long Beach Marine Stadium and coordinated by the Club Manager. The Manager will be considered a contract employee and there are no benefits offered with this position at this time but the Club Manager will be provided with gratis LBRA membership during employ that entitles the manager to benefits as befitting any other club member.


A Bachelor’s Degree is preferred, or an equivalent combination of experience and training, which provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the essential responsibilities of the position.  Qualified candidates will exhibit good interpersonal, organizational and time management skills, and will have proficiency in Office software products. The best candidate will have sweep, sculling, and – preferably – coxing, experience and will demonstrate the ability to work well with a volunteer Board of Directors and with a wide range of club members. Applicants should have at least two years experience managing a rowing club of an equitable scale and scope as the Long Beach Rowing Association.  Experience as the head coach of a collegiate rowing program may be considered in substitution for club manager experience. Must have, within 10 days of hire or be willing to obtain, a California Driver’s License or California Identification card and adequate transportation to perform the duties of the position.  Interested applicants should provide a cover letter and resume and apply directly to Michelle Mowery, Board Member at Large at the Long Beach Rowing Association at mowery@longbeachrowing.org,  attention: Michelle Mowery.   Resumes will be accepted through February 8, 2019.


Base Salary – $2500/month ($30,000 annually) plus up to 10% of regatta/special event net.