Learn to Row 2015

Learn to Row Camps for 2015

We will be offering the following classes

  • Intro to Sculling (4x) or Intro to Sweep (8+). Each camp consists of 16 hours of instruction
  • $200 per session or $350 for two sessions
  • Learn basic techniques
  • No prior experience required.
  • Must know how to swim

Dates and Times

  • SWEEP CAMP ($200)
    • Weekends: Sat / Sun 9AM – 1PM
    • Dates: TBD
  • SCULLING CAMP ($200)
    • Weekday evenings: Tue/Thur 6:00PM – 8:00PM
    • Dates: TBD
    • Weekday evenings: Mon/Wed 6:00PM – 8:00PM
    • August 3, 5, 10, 12, 17 & 19

Contact Dara Lampe at: Membership@longbeachrowing.org for more information. 562-270-5769

* If student becomes an LBRA member within 30 days of taking a class, a $40 credit will be applied to the first year’s annual membership dues.

Learn to Row at LBRA (18+)

LBRA has restructured its novice training programs to better serve the needs of new members, offering coached sessions at multiple times that should enable anyone to find a convenient format.

We support these ongoing programs:

1.     Beginning  Sweep

You will be part of an 8-oared shell. While learning poise and technique, the boat will be outfitted with pontoons for stability.  The class can have up to seven novices, with an experienced coxswain and rower in the stroke seat.  The objective is to learn the fundamentals of balance and rhythm, enabling novices to row competently as part of a team.

2.       Beginning Scull

You will be paired with experienced rowers in a quad.  Club volunteers will be at the stroke and bow seats to model proper technique, and to steer. Emphasis is on development of good habits and building a foundation.  Following the session, you’ll continue to develop proficiency in boats partially crewed by experienced club rowers.

3.     Novice Single

You will develop the skills necessary to row in a single shell.  Emphasis is on oar handling, safe navigation, and efficient use of energy.  You will learn in a wide, stable wherry boat, and after completing the class and logging experience over a few months’ time, you may be upgraded to and checked out in a club racing single.  Successful completion qualifies the rower to take out singles.

With all classes, members are encouraged to return for later sessions, at no cost, to continue their development while helping new beginners.

Contact Dara Lampe at: Membership@longbeachrowing.org for class dates and information. 562-270-5769


Group classes are led by coach Anna Liberovsky, a patient and thoughtful teacher with substantial experience in working with rowers of all skill levels.  She is supported by a network of club volunteers and mentors. Novice single classes are also run by A.C. duPont as well as Katrin Gleie and Anna Liberovsky.

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