Kiss the Joy

On Saturday, April 28 at 5:45 pm, the Newport Beach Film Festival will be premiering “Kiss the Joy”, Jean Strauss’ biographical documentary on the groundbreaking role played by Joan Van Blom in the sport of rowing.  Jean’s work has been eagerly anticipated in every corner of the rowing world, and LBRA is pleased and honored to be a co-presenter of the film at this year’s Festival.  We encourage all to come, with the attached link provided to purchase tickets in advance:

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LBRA Spring Racing Camp

Featuring Guest Coach Linda Muri
April 13-15, 2018

Who: Anyone intending to race in the 2018 sprint season, at such events as Gold Rush (Lake Natoma), Southwest Regionals (Long Beach), Masters Nationals (Lake Merritt), or FISA Worlds (Sarasota, Florida). The camp is open to all ages and skill levels, aimed at helping competitors do their best whether it is their first race or they are seasoned veterans. Elite rowers are encouraged, but the camp is not “elitist”. The main qualifications are coachability and a passionate desire to be one’s best. LBRA members have priority until March 15.

Format: This camp will run Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with sessions devoted to single sculls, team sculling, and sweep boats. Participation is limited, to give a small number of individuals extensive quality time. Lineups will be fixed and will ideally reflect the full crew as it intends to compete. Emphasis is on technical competency and efficient form. Videography will be extensively used and closely critiqued. Breakfast and lunch provided.

Cost: $150 (1x) – 3 sessions, maximum 4 scullers

$250 (2x/4x) – 6 sessions, maximum 8 scullers

$250 (4+/8+) – 6 sessions, maximum 16 rowers

How to Join: See Rob Glidden, Sherri Kline, or Sarah Mackenzie to apply. Acceptance is based on merit, as judged by Linda and with input from LBRA coaches. Timely application is also a factor.

About Linda:
As a Competitor

    • Three‐time World Champion
    • 18‐time National Champion
    • Nine‐year US National Team member
    • 12‐time winner of Head of the Charles
    • 2‐time CRASH‐B World Indoor Rowing Champion

As a Coach

    • Distinguished, highly successful coaching record at Cornell University (Men’s Lightweights, 3 years), Harvard University(Men’s Lightweights, 13 years), and Dartmouth (Women’s Head Coach, 3 years)
    • Personal coach of Andrew Campbell, US champion single sculler

In the Sport

  • Board of Directors of USRowing, including High Performance Committee (2001‐2008)
  • Past President and Director, CRASH‐B Sprints (2006‐2013)
  • Past President and Director, Cambridge Boat Club


    • Bachelors Degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, MIT (1986)
    • Masters Degree in Education, Harvard University (1997)
    • R&D engineer at Composite Engineering, Inc. (manufacturer of Van Dusen Racing Shells)

For more information:


LBRA Board Meeting – Wednesday Mar 14 at 7:30pm

LBRA Members —
The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held this coming Wednesday, March 14 at 7:30 p.m. at the boathouse.  Members are strongly encouraged to attend and make their views and needs known.

At the meeting, the following topics will be considered:

1. Spring Regatta Post-Mortem.  We will go through revenue, expenses, and lessons learned from the Spring Regatta.  Operational topics involve how our launches are equipped in support of race needs and how we mark the course for greatest safety.  The regatta made a small but comfortable profit as a result of its 60% growth over last year.  Unsolicited feedback from coaches and competitors was universally enthusiastic.  This is seen as our most welcoming, best organized, and smoothest running regatta in recent memory, with the five hours of 2000-meter events noted in particular.  The referees did a fabulous job in running on time, with no safety incidents.  Also regularly mentioned is the improvement in bow number procedures, timely heat sheet and results posting, and the coffee truck.  Everyone wants the regatta to continue and thrive.

2. Dues Adjustments.  Special cases involving relocations and injuries have resulted in requests for dues forgiveness.  We will cover the cases and compare with precedent.

3. Southwest Regionals Status.  Rob will preview the contract we proposed, which is with USRowing for a decision.

4. 10N Status.  The city is requiring certain building code legalization steps be taken, none onerous.  A plan of action will be discussed.  Meanwhile, the temporary use of 8N for storage will cease soon as its demolition begins on March 26 as part of a neighborhood beautification project.  The footprint will be converted to landscaping but the Marine Stadium sign will remain.  It will be necessary for us to obtain portable temporary storage until 10N is cleared for re-occupancy.

5. Sublessee Billings.  We will review the state of accounts for our co-tenants CSULB and LBJC.  Accounts Receivable for rent and pro-rated maintenance costs will be covered.

6. Learn to Row Day.  We will consider dates for the open house, a plan for summer camps, and a budget.  The national LTR Day is Saturday, June 2.

Racing Schedule

Tentative schedule for upcoming LBRA events

 Regatta Schedule.  The tentative schedule for LBRA-sponsored regattas over the next year is:

November 4, 2017
     Naples Island Challenge (4500 meter collegiate and masters head race, sponsored jointly by LBRA and Beach Crew Association)

December 3, 2017
     LBRA Christmas Regatta (1000 meter sprints.  Events for youth, collegiate, and masters rowers)

January 27, 2018
     Beach Sprints (2000 meter indoor ergometer sprints.  Events for youth, collegiate, and masters rowers)

March 10-11, 2018
     LBRA Spring Regatta (1000 and 2000 meter sprints.  Events for youth, collegiate, and masters rowers)

July 14-15, 2018 – tentative
     USRowing Southwest Regional Masters Championship (1000 meter sprints, masters only)

Bay Series events (5300 and 4200 meter head races open to youth, collegiate, and masters rowers) are likely to be held on October 1, 2017December 10, 2017January 7, 2018February 4, 2018; and March 4, 2018.

The Naples Island head race is the only date that has been officially approved by the Board at this time.  The rest are per historical precedent and subject to change, especially the SW Regionals — we are in negotiations with USRowing and will proceed only if it’s in the mutual best interest of USRowing and LBRA.