Andrea Parsons

Board Member at Large

I have been an LBRA member for 10+ years. I have been a coxswain for many of you, and a competitive rower with many of you. I enjoy the camaraderie and shared passion within our rowing family. Nothing beats a 4:30am alarm met with a breath-taking sunrise.

I have served as Board Secretary for the past 3 terms. During this time we have made major improvements to the boathouse and purchased several competitive rowing shells. These bring a sense of pride to our boathouse and to rowers on the water.

3 topics that are important to consider.

  • There is discussion on growing our general membership. I ask the question, “How big can we grow?” We are close to capacity now with club and private boats. This needs a conservative approach.
  • LBRA needs to provide better support to our new members graduating from our Learn to Row program. Currently, once graduated, they are left to figure the rest out for themselves. Alpha personalities will succeed, but those less assertive don’t. LBRA needs a conduit from LTR to a novice team or singles group rowing.
  • There needs to be regular communication to the members regarding all activities and volunteer opportunities. Well in advance so people have choices and options to work around their schedules.

I hope to continue my work with the board for all of you. I would like to encourage our membership to come to our board meetings.

See you on the water,

Andi P.


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