Waivers Required for iCrew Reservations

All members are now required to sign a waiver and stage 3 protocols before making a reservation on iCrew.

As a reminder, anyone currently wishing to row (even in a private boat) must first make a reservation on iCrew so that we can maintain controlled numbers at the boathouse at any one time. If you haven’t yet made an account on iCrew, go to LBRA on iCrew and register using the registration code: beach.

To sign the required documents: 

On the iCrew home page, scroll to “documents” to view the waiver. There should be two documents to sign, “Stage 3 Protocols” and “Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability”. There is no need to print or email the documents, you can simply type your name in signature box and click “sign”.

Be safe out there!

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