Boathouse Phase 2 Starting Now

The City of Long Beach approved our Stage 2 Protocols today which means that starting today (6/11/2020) all singles can be rowed at the boathouse, private and club. That being said, there are limits to what times people can row, how many at once, and who can physically enter the bays. The protocols are below.

To summarize key points, only 1x rowing is allowed, rowing is only allowed at designated hours (currently 6 am – 10 am) when volunteer attendants are there, and any boats stored in the bays – club AND private – will be carried in and out of the bays by the attendants. If private owners wish to carry their own boat, the boat must remain on the wash deck. Email Sarah if you would like to have your boat remain on the wash deck.

Finally, the attendants at the boathouse are there to ensure all members follow the guidelines. Those who do not follow the guidelines and the guidance of the attendants will be removed from access on iCrew and will be restricted from rowing.

Stage 2 Protocols

Charles Griffin

President LBRA

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